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You’re Not Alone. You’re Not the Only One. That’s Perfectly Normal. Dec 2, 2022 Pastoring These are the three most common phrases I say to people during pastoral counseling. I usually hesitate a bit because I never want to make people Marketing and Outreach in a Post Evangelical Church Oct 19, 2022 Pastoring Something I wrestle with constantly as a pastor of a progressive/inclusive church is the need for “outreach” or “marketing” or whatever it is we’re From Courtship to Union - Res City and the Table Aug 24, 2022 Pastoring Nine months ago, in November 2021, we announced the beginning of a courtship between Resurrection City DC and The Table Church. As a refresher, I Didn’t Dupe You Jul 21, 2022 Blog & Pastoring I recently heard that a few folks at my former church in Iowa felt like I duped them. The claim is that for the ten years I pastored at Good News Thoughts on Pride 2022 Jun 27, 2022 Blog & Pastoring & Bible & Theology For the first time this June, The Table Church marched in Washington, DC’s Pride Parade. My family and I marched alongside our LGBTQ church family Here are some more concrete thoughts on “young people leaving the faith. May 18, 2022 Pastoring ” I’m just speaking anecdotally. The research on this is immense and Open Communion at the Table May 1, 2022 Bible & Theology & Pastoring The Table Church practices open Communion, open even to those who don’t follow Christianity. When we offer Communion we say, “Anyone who seeks the Two Years at the Table Mar 2, 2022 Pastoring & Blog I’m a day late on this, but it was 2 years ago on March 1 that I started my pastorate at The Table. The family and I snuck in to each service and 4 Big Changes Feb 11, 2022 Pastoring The only thing that’s constant is change. That’s no less true at The Table Church. Below I’m going to let you know about four significant Reading the Septuagint Jan 14, 2022 Blog & Pastoring & Bible & theology For my morning devotions I have been reading the Septuagint. The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. Why read a translation Credit Hours for Professional Degrees May 21, 2021 Pastoring Here’s a small sampling of the number of credit hours required for some professional degrees. Masters in Culinary Arts (Chef Degree) 40 Credit