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Today was overwhelming, both in ways good and bad. Jan 22, 2023 Blog It started with a rich and thoughtful Learning Cohort where we grappled with the problem of pain I Didn’t Dupe You Jul 21, 2022 Blog & Pastoring I recently heard that a few folks at my former church in Iowa felt like I duped them. The claim is that for the ten years I pastored at Good News Thoughts on Pride 2022 Jun 27, 2022 Blog & Pastoring & Bible & Theology For the first time this June, The Table Church marched in Washington, DC’s Pride Parade. My family and I marched alongside our LGBTQ church family Two Years at the Table Mar 2, 2022 Pastoring & Blog I’m a day late on this, but it was 2 years ago on March 1 that I started my pastorate at The Table. The family and I snuck in to each service and My Prayers Are Directed to Two Things Today. Feb 24, 2022 Blog & Bible & Theology “I don’t understand, I decidedly do not understand, why men can’t live without war.” “You would think that humanity has forgotten the laws of its Reading the Septuagint Jan 14, 2022 Blog & Pastoring & Bible & theology For my morning devotions I have been reading the Septuagint. The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. Why read a translation Here’s how I’m thinking about COVID right now. Dec 29, 2021 Blog TL;DR—Don’t look at case rates. Look at hospitalization numbers. My personal risk—and likely yours—of Public confession. Sep 1, 2021 Blog There’s a pastor acquaintance of mine who’s posting these 50 minute long Q and As. They’re great! The pastor is super smart Yearly Easter Post 2021 May 21, 2021 Blog Harry spoke as they circled, and stared into each other’s eyes, green into red. “You won’t be able to kill any of them ever again. Don’t you get it? Dunning Kruger Effect May 21, 2021 Blog When I was 11, my mom had shown me what a chord was on the piano (3 fingers on every other key). Within a couple of weeks, I was beginning to play I Booked an Appointment for a Covid Vaccine Mar 7, 2021 Blog A bit of public journaling. Today, after 3 days of battling with DC’s gawd-awful website, I booked an appointment for a covid vaccine. I should have Look, if you’re going to post a video that is filled with misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories about a “cure” for Covid, I’m going to mark it as fake news and ask Facebook to remove it. Mar 7, 2021 Blog & Bible & Theology Look, if you’re going to post a video that is filled with misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories about a “cure” for Covid, I’m going to mark Planks and Specks Feb 10, 2021 Blog I can be so easily tempted to measure my own knowledge, growth, and journey in relation to other people. “Geez, why doesn’t this person get it A Parable From Dpnk Jan 11, 2021 blog You may have missed it with everything going on in the news, but things are getting pretty bad in the Democratic People’s Nation of Korea (DPNK). As Allow Your Grief to Become Fuel Jan 7, 2021 Blog In our minds, we have an idea or picture of the way things ought to be. When I come out to my parents they will show unconditional love for me. When 2020 Book Report Jan 2, 2021 Blog Fiction vs. Non-fiction. My natural tendency is to read more non-fiction than fiction. It didn’t always used to be this way, but college and grad Answering Some Questions About Our Move Feb 2, 2020 Blog It did! We worked our butts off the week before Christmas to get it ready to list and show while we were on vacation. The first showing led to an