Marketing and Outreach in a Post Evangelical Church

Something I wrestle with constantly as a pastor of a progressive/inclusive church is the need for outreach” or marketing” or whatever it is we’re supposed to call it.

On the one hand, it feels really slimy and sleazy to me. Every time I see a church ad on this here Instagram, I feel slightly repulsed.

On the other hand, one of the most common things I hear from folks who find The Table is that they didn’t know this kind of faith community could ever exist. They love Jesus, they desire all the best things a church can offer…and yet they’re rejected from those spaces because of their gender, sexuality, policy preferences, desires for justice, etc.

It takes energy, resources, time, and money to let people know about churches like The Table since the evangelical/fundamentalist is SO loud and pervasive.

But I also don’t want just to rebuild the same icky systems that the evangelical church built.

Anyway, no answers here today. Just ponderings.

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