It’s a Sin Problem?

The disciples telling Jesus about 5,000 hungry people— Jesus: It’s not a food problem, it’s a sin problem.”

The centurion asking Jesus to heal his sick servant— Jesus: It’s not a disease problem, it’s a sin problem.”

Peter chopping off the ear of a temple servant— Jesus: It’s not an ear problem, it’s a sin problem.”

The first Christians offering to sell their property to help the poor in their communities— The Twelve: It’s not a property problem, it’s a sin problem.”

The Greek-speaking widows not receiving their daily food— The Twelve: It’s not a justice problem. It’s a sin problem.”

A paralyzed man asking Peter and John to heal him— Peter and John: It’s not a walking problem, it’s a sin problem.”

The city of Ephesus about to destroy their Diana idols and burn their magic books in response to the Gospel: Paul: It’s not an idol problem, it’s a sin problem.”

The Corinthian church allowing the rich to get stuffed and drunk so the poor couldn’t participate in Communion— Paul: It’s not a gluttony problem. It’s a sin problem.”

The Ephesian church being divided among ethnic lines— Paul: It’s not a skin problem. It’s a sin problem.”

The rich drag people to court and cause people to be homeless and naked— James: It’s not a wealth problem. It’s a sin problem.”

Do y’all hear how ridiculous this sounds? In every one of these instances, Jesus and the early church responded not with the sentiment of I hope people’s hearts are magically changed to do better.” They instead responded with action (food, medical care, or discipline); policy (establishment of shared property; a team to feed widows; commands to the rich to eat at home); and theology (the Gospel demolished ethnic boundaries; the rich should divest themselves of riches).

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